Services Offered

  • Liner Agency

    The company strives to be the preferred liner agency partner as it offers high quality service backed by personalized commitment. As a privately owned company has its own Port and Agent code to function and operate smoothly at all office locations. The company caters to the needs of renowned Singapore based NVOCC’s and NVOCC’s of other countries that have a TEUS turn of about 1500-2000 approximately per month between Chennai, Tuticorin, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Gulf, Colombo and various other locations. Maritime Group understands needs and handles each project task professionally especially for SOC boxes. As a liner agency the company offers effective and practical solutions.
  • Freight Forwarding

    Having been in the freight forwarding business for over 7 years our expertise lends a level of professionally personalized service that focuses on ensuring compliant with global freight forwarding rules and regulations. Our sound cargo base includes our customers from the Far East to Europe, Middle East to the Indian sub-continent and various other locations. The process we follow is a complete logistical cycle that starts from the customers to the Ex-Ware house to the POD finally. The process deploys our best workmanship and detailed planning to execute to your satisfaction. We guarantee a world-class freight forwarding service that is unmatched and tailored fit to meet your freight forwarding needs.
  • One Way Use

    Right from delays in shipping to inaccurate information or classification that are generally high we diligently direct our efforts to mitigate such inaccuracy. We use our knowledge so we can be the reliable and consistent provider to resolve issues related to risk. There are a number of Liners/Leasing company/NVOCC units which we have been bringing in from locations where they have been surplus to locations where the demand for such services is high and all this can be executed significantly within a specified time frame. All this has been possible because of our good coverage within regions of Asia and Europe. It is always practical to utilize the multiple benefits of one way use where you don’t necessarily use self-owned containers and additionally benefit from repositioning expenses.
  • Container Trading / Leasing / Fabrication

    The Maritime team uses their knowledge as logistics specialists so that clients save money and time. Our specialties include our ability to sell and buy used containers which include 20’GP, 40’GP, 40’HC, 20’FR, 40’FR,20’RF,40’RF,20’OT,40’OT and Tankers both in India and internationally. This enables to provide short and long terms lease options for domestic and international clients. Based on customer needs our team works effortlessly to provide container Modification/Fabrication.
  • Transport Service

    The company like large shipping lines has a dedicated team that keeps all customers updated with the latest movement details of transport services. We deploy our own Prime movers & prime movers that have are leased which are used to move containers from the Port location to either the factory or CFS location or vice versa. We use our capabilities to optimize any process and service and deliver the best solution.
  • Customs Clearance

    Our customs clearance process showcase out abilities as a specialist gateway logistics service provider. We handle everything and all facets related to customs clearance as we lay special emphasis on customs clearance and compliance. As an expert in this field we offer a flexible and proficient one-stop-shop resolution to any problem that may arise. Our separate dedicated division that handles custom clearance has over the years developed a relationship of trust and integrity with customs, CFS and port authorities that have helped make movement swift and smooth operations.

We deliver what we promise and bring cost benefits and efficiency through our service and solutions.

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